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Welcome to the whole world of fossils

What we stand for

Through decades of work in the research, preparation and sale of fossils, we stand for sustainability, traceability and, above all, for a scientific foundation to our work.

The respect for a million-year-old fossil characterizes our work and our actions.

Our aim is to offer the story of the fossil in addition to the cleanly prepared fossil. This means, through paleontological expertise, to tell you the "history behind history", suggest possible ways of presenting and develop overall concepts around the fossil.

Our scientific cooperation with large museums also makes it possible for us to help them create their own exhibitions.

The theme of "Fossil in Art and Fashion" also plays a role here. For at Fossga, we will search with you for the last secrets of the history of our earth and draw conclusions about the present.

Fossga - Michael Perner
Michael Perner

Fossilien Galerie - Michael Perner

Since 1984

Combining tradition and passion

From a collection to a worldwide operating company

The founding of the FOSSGA fossil gallery in 1984 was inevitable. After some international excursions and excavations, Dr Thomas Perner, the fossil enthusiast, had amassed a collection of fossils, which needed a gallery.

Our own quarries

Meanwhile, the company owns fossil quarries in Europe and the USA.

Image: Wyoming USA, Dr. Thomas Perner




Cooperation with institutions

In recent decades, the scientific community has, through close cooperation with international institutions, been able to present spectacular findings, which provide missing links in the history of the development of life. 

History was rewritten.

One of the most famous fossils is the Lemur "Ida" which can be viewed in the Natural History Museum in Oslo / Norway. 

Image: Russia, Dr. Thomas Perner


FOSSGA also set international standards in the preparation of fossils. Among other things, the first-ever Germany-wide use of sandblasting to prepare the fossil discoveries from Bundenbach.

We are especially proud of the fact that we enjoy the trust of international museums, to prepare fossils to order.

Image: Preparation, Michael Perner

International Events

The corona pandemic affects trade fairs and exhibitions around the world.
Therefore, we are currently unable to give you any binding dates for 2021.


FOSSGA is a renowned partner of museums

Great fossil discoveries are always of interest to museums. Our continuous research and the paleontological expertise make us a reliable partner for museums.

Royal Ontario Museum
100 Queens Park
Toronto, ON M5S 2C6, Canada

Senckenberg Naturkunde Museum
Senckenberganlage 25
60325 Frankfurt, Deutschland

Natural History Museum Department of Palaeontology
Cronwell Road, London
SW7 5BD United Kingdom

Naturhistorisk Museum Universitetet i Oslo
1172 Blindern
0318 Oslo

Sauriermuseum Aathal Schweiz
CH-8607 Aathal

Museum Wien

Burgring 7
1010 Wien

American Museum
of Natural History

Central Park West at 79th Street
New York 10024-5192, USA

University of Colorado Boulder
Henderson Building 218 UCB
Boulder, Colorado 80309, USA

The Beaty Biodiversity Museum
6270 University Blvd.
Vancouver B6, Canada

The Zuhl Museum
775 College Dr.
Las Cruces NM 88003-1204, USA

Aurora Fossil Museum
400 Main Street
Aurora,  NC 27806, USA

Naturkundemuseum Berlin
Invalidenstr. 43
10115 Berlin, Deutschland

Dolomythos Museum
P.-P. Rainerstr. 11
39038 Innichen (BZ), Italy

Naturkunde Museum Karlsruhe
Schlossbezirk 10
76131 Karlsruhe, Deutschland

Bayrische Staatssammlung für Paläontologie und Geologie
80333 München, Deutschland

Hessisches Landes Museum Darmstadt
Friedensplatz 1
64283 Darmstadt, Deutschland

Landesmuseum Mainz
Grosse Bleiche 49-51
55116 Mainz, Deutschland

National Museum
of Natural Science
1. Kuan Chien Rd.
Taichung, Taiwan

Gunma Museum
Of Natural History
1674-1, Kamikuroiwa
Tomioka Gunma 370-2345, Japan




… to name but a few.

Art & Fashion


Over 40,000 years ago, Homo sapiens tried for the first time to create art. First small mammoths were carved, cave paintings were completed.

We also follow this long tradition at FOSSGA.

Merging recycling and sustainable items from nature into a picture or a piece of clothing. Motifs from prehistoric times on high-quality fabric or on canvas.

Art is timeless like our fossils,

For this reason, we have built a bridge back into the past with our collection "Fossga-Casual" Million Years Fashion.

The artist Mona Seckendorf has successfully integrated the colours from nature with elements of rust in her art. This is her contribution to the sustainability of nature.




Fossil range

It started about half a billion years ago, so come with us on a fantastic trip through time.
We offer you the entire range of the fossil world from visually unspectacular, scientific but very valuable first life forms from the Cambrium 540 million year ago, via the famous gigantic dinosaurs, to mammoths, cave bears and giant deer, to the quite young inhabitants of the last ice age 50,000 years ago.
Let us know your wishes and we will fulfill them.

We buy fossils

Fossil and mineral collections - also individual pieces

  • Do you want to part with your fossil or mineral collection?
  • Do you have a single fossil or mineral item which you want to sell?
  • Have you found something in our fossil shop which you would like to exchange with one of your own items?


If you want to offer us one of your items, or your collection for sale, please send an email using this link: SENDING OFFER OF ITEMS WITH PICTURES 

Please describe your item or collection as accurately as possible and give us all relevant information which you are aware of.

As soon as we receive your request we will get in touch with you.


About us

Through decades of work researching the preparation and sale of fossils we stand for sustainability, traceability and above all for a scientific foundation to our work.


Schulstraße 23
61381 Friedrichsdorf/Deutschland

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